This Blog will focus on the United States Postal Service and its history and current status. On December 5, 2011 Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe claimed he would save the post office by closing almost 3700 post offices and 252 mail processing centers. Many of the post offices set to close were built during the New Deal era and contain historically significant works of art, sculptures and murals. Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted the post offices to be a place where the community would be inspired and uplifted from their everyday concerns, especially during tough economic times in the 1930s.

At least 120 post offices set to close were built during the New Deal era and have works of art within them that reflect the life of the local communities. These murals, sculptures and other works of art are the treasure of our American history. Many people do not realize the treasures that are within their own local post offices. This Blog will help raise awareness of the value of saving our post offices because they are an integral part of our social, economic and everyday lives.

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